A World Where Dreams Come True,
Where Adults Return to Childhood and
Children Become King.

These marvelous and extraordinary ‘toys’ were often pieces of art in a class apart. Some even qualified as masterpieces, such as the flute player or the Vaucansson duck from the 18th century.

The golden age was the 19th century with great makers like Gustave Vichy, Nicolas Théroude, Phalifois, Decamps, Renou, and Lambert. These automatons are witness to the skill, perfection, observation, imagination and charm of these poetic makers.

We search the world over in order to restore and present emblematic examples. They have the power to plunge us back to the century of discoveries, of magic, of dreams, to the child in us all.

See Our Automatons

Whether musical or silent, the automatons enchanted kings before astonishing the general public.

Buying an automaton is often a love affair; pieces often being one of a kind and prices can rapidly soar.

Unless you are a real connoisseur we suggest you consult a specialist as well as auction results.
Restoration fees can be very expensive so it is imperative to thoroughly examine the item before making a purchase.

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