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Mechanical Music Boxes, Automatons, Fairground Art and Restoration Techniques


Celebrating the Passion of Music.

This website is a place for us to share our appreciation of the wonderful mechanical objects that have delighted young and old alike for centuries.

From miniature boxes to monumental pipe organs; all have a story to tell and a contribution to make to
our cultural heritage.

I hope this website will delight you and it gives me great pleasure to accompany you on this voyage to
where music, genius and craftsmanship are joined together in these fabulous works of art.

Objects of Passion

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We offer especially chosen items.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like more information or if you are seeking a specific item.

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Purchasing a collector’s piece is a matter of taste and pleasure.
By utilizing the services of an expert you are ensuring the item’s authenticity and its condition in order to ascertain the eventual repairs that will be necessary for it to attain its original splendor.

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